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Diagnosing and Treating Animals at Croix Valley Veterinary Hospital

We have many tests available to help us understand what is ailing your pet. The most important of which are obtaining a medical history from you and performing a thorough physical exam.

The hospital has the following diagnostic equipment.
In-house blood machine capable of performing a complete blood count (CBC), a full chemistry panel and electrolyte levels.
X-ray machine.
High definition oscillometer for measuring blood pressure.

In-house testing for:
Canine: Heartworm disease, Lyme disease, Anaplamosis and Ehrlichiosis
Feline: Heartworm disease, Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency viral infections

We also perform:
In-house urinalyses and urine cultures.
Microscopic exams of masses and ear/skin problems.
Fecal analysis for intestinal parasites.

An outside laboratory is available for any additional tests that may be needed.

Many conditions can be treated at home by the owner.

When your pet needs more care and more monitoring than you can provide at home we offer specific as well as symptomatic and supportive care in our hospital.

Hospitalization commonly involves intravenous fluids, injectable medications and close monitoring.

We support animals living with chronic medical conditions.
We are available for a limited number of house calls and emergencies.

For more information about our services or general questions, please call us at 715-386-9052